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From the boutique to the hypermarket

BIDA is a company specialising in the fitting, reconstruction, and renovation of commercial premises, shops, offices and retail sales outlets

BIDA premises are located in Geneva. Our well trained and motivated employees are particularly good in understanding the needs of our customers, taking into account their individual requirements, and offering the best and most realistic solutions.

Study, design and implementation
Each member of our team has much experience and extensive knowledge specific to their areas of activities, and this of course is very much beneficial to our customers. For each project, our employees develop and propose innovative solutions. With the support of the IT department, our office and our logistic services have the most modern technological tools, and are able to guarantee an efficient and versatile service.  Whether it concerns fitting arrangements with the use of metal or timber, dealing with mass production or a specific order, BIDA SA coordinates all the work, from manufacture to installation. Production and assembly are performed by highly skilled employees and are implemented within an agreed timeframe.

Advantages of the group membership.
BIDA is a member of DOLMA Holding. DOLMA groupe is comprised of companies that together have more than 100 years of experience and expertise at the national and international level - all this contributed to BIDA to become one of the first shop-fitting companies in Switzerland, France and other southern and western european countries.